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Senior Editor Liz Nutt will be an attendee of the 2015 Yale Writer's Conference. Liz is looking forward to the CEC Summer Competitive Edge College Application Boot Camp to read student's writing and implement all of the things she learned at Yale!

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Fact Sheet: Geometry Requirement for Freshman Applicants

(Rev. 09/2015)

To satisfy the mathematics (“c”) subject area requirement for University of California, students applying for freshman admission must complete either one yearlong course in geometry or one yearlong course as part of an integrated mathematics sequence that includes sufficient geometry (e.g., Math II).


  • UC will continue to allow students to self-report on the admission application a geometry course or a sequence of integrated-style math courses completed in grade 7 or 8 to meet the mathematics (“c”) subject requirement.
  • UC does not require the submission of a middle school transcript, nor will high schools be required to list middle/junior high school math courses on high school transcripts.


Options for a Deficient Grade
If a student completes Geometry and receives a deficient grade (D/F), the student can validate the grade deficiency by completing at least the first semester of an advanced-level math course. Refer to the “Validation Matrix – Math and LOTE,” in the Quick Reference for Counselors guide for appropriate advanced-level math courses that validate a deficient grade in Geometry.

Options for a Course Omission

  • The omission of a yearlong Geometry course cannot be validated by advanced-level math courses (e.g., Algebra II/Trigonometry, Trigonometry, Math Analysis, Pre-Calculus, or Calculus).
  • The omission of the first semester of Geometry can be validated by successful completion of the second semester of Geometry with a letter grade of C or better.
  • The omission of a yearlong integrated course with sufficient geometry content (e.g., Math II) can be validatedbyahigher-levelintegratedcourse(e.g.,MathIII)withalettergradeofCorbetter, provided that the higher-level course shows clear evidence of geometry content.
  • The omission of the first semester of an integrated course with sufficient geometry content (e.g., Math II) can be validated by successful completion of the second semester of an integrated course with sufficient geometry content with a letter grade of C or better.

Validation by Examinations

  • Standardized exams (SAT/ACT, SAT Subject, AP, IB, etc.) cannot validate the omission of a Geometry course or an integrated course with sufficient geometry (e.g., Math II).


Geometry Challenge Exam
UC will accept a “challenge” examination to demonstrate proficiency to validate the course omission if the high school awards both grades and units for the successful completion of a Geometry challenge exam.


Traditional and Integrated Math Course Sequences
The following combinations of the traditional math pathway and the integrated math pathway are not an exhaustive list, but are examples of how students may fully meet the mathematics (“c”) requirement:

Algebra I → Geometry → Math III

Algebra I → Math I → Math II → Math III

Algebra I → Math II → Algebra II Math I → Geometry → Algebra II

Algebra I → Math II → Math III Math I → Math II → Math III

Math II → Math III

Math I → Geometry → Math III Math I → Math II → Algebra II Geometry → Math II → Math III Math I → Math II → Advanced Math Geometry → Math III

International Math Courses
Many international high schools use an integrated mathematics curriculum. Math courses may be listed as “integrated math,” “general mathematics,” or simply “mathematics.” All of these titles are appropriate listings of mathematics courses from an integrated-style program. At least three years of “integrated/generalmath/math”is requiredtosatisfythe“c”subjectarea.

College Courses
A student can use a non-transferrable college/university course in Geometry to satisfy the requirement.

Principal Certification
A student who completes a classroom-based (i.e., non-online) geometry course at an institution or through a program that does not have an “a-g” course list can have the completed coursework recognized by UC through principal certification.



Curreri Educational Consulting is a comprehensive educational consulting company founded by Karen A. Curreri. Karen’s methodology takes a developmental approach to school and college admissions. She enjoys working with students K-12 because college preparation is a life-long learning process - one that requires students and parents to learn specific skills at each developmental milestone. Most of all, Karen feels strongly that early preparation reduces stress. Too often, high schools do not encourage students to begin the college search process until their sophomore or junior year at which time it is too late to help students reach their goals, or to even make an educated decision about which college best meets their needs. Late planning also creates a feeling of panic, a need to rush and the inability to enjoy what should be a fun learning experience. Early preparation creates confidence, and a confident student is one who is most likely to be accepted to the college of their choice. CEC’s record of success proves that fact: our statistics indicate that approximately 98% of our students were accepted into their first or second choice school. We feel that our success can be attributed to the following factors:

CEC’s team of tutors, executive functioning coaches, educational therapists and editors are dedicated to helping students reach their fullest potential. All members of the CEC team are committed to excellence. We work together to collaborate so that we meet the needs of our students and their parents.

Because Karen’s background is in developmental counseling, she realizes that the college search, application, acceptance and decision making process can be a transitional time in the student and parents’ lives. Students are too often struggling to establish a sense of independence and parents are trying to find a way to let go. At CEC, even our youngest students have learned how to think, organize, and manage their time well. Parents have learned to let their children and teens discover and explore their passions and talents and to compete with not against their peers. At CEC, college counseling is a natural progression resulting from a lifetime of significant learning experiences that have helped students to become successful, self-confident and happy human beings.



Karen Curreri, President and Founder of Curreri Educational Consulting, received her Master of Science degree in Counseling from Johns Hopkins University.  She has presented at national conferences, been interviewed by international and local TV and magazines, and been a guest speaker for radio stations across America. Karen also wrote and directed a documentary called, “How to Become an A+ Human Being.” She uses the film as a teaching tool to help underserved eighth grade students make a successful transition to high school and beyond. Karen is a member of the National Association for College Admission Counseling and the Independent Educational Consultants Association.  She is considered an expert in her field. Karen coached United States Swimming and has worked with Olympic and elite level athletes to help them with college recruiting. Karen is also a proud Gold Star Mother who enjoys helping military families, particularly those affiliated with Special Operations Warrior Foundation. She lives and works in Corona del Mar where she enjoys paddle boarding, kayaking and biking. She recently competed and placed in three categories of ballroom dancing. Most of all Karen enjoys spending time with her family in Laguna Beach.


Karen Curreri is a developmental counselor whose philosophy is based on the belief that what is learned on the college search and application journey is just as important as the outcome of that journey. This philosophy helps to create a win-win situation in which the student learns decision- making, communication, and leadership skills that have positive lifelong effects. Our emphasis, which is based on human growth and development theory, helps to alleviate a great deal of the stress that is typically associated with the competitive nature of college admissions. Our statistics indicate that approximately 98% of our students get into their first or second choice school. We feel that our success can be attributed to the following factors:

1. Early preparation. Karen’s methodology takes a developmental approach to college admissions. She likes to start working with students the summer between eighth and ninth grades, so that opportunities for short and long term planning can best take place. Most of all, early preparation reduces stress. Too often, high schools do not begin the college search process until sophomore or junior year at which time it may be too late to help the student reach their goals, or even to make an educated decision about which college best meets their needs. Late planning also creates a feeling of panic, a need to rush and the inability to enjoy what should be a fun experience. Early preparation also creates confidence, and a confident student is one who is most likely to be accepted to the college of their choice.

2. It’s a Family Thing.  Curreri Educational Consulting’s mission is to educate the student and the parent/s. Because Karen’s background is in developmental counseling, she realizes that the college search, application, acceptance and decision making process is a transitional time in the student and parents’ lives. Students are trying to establish a sense of independence and parents need to learn to let go. CEC is there to assist both students and parents.

3. Two Decades of Experience. Karen has worked in private, parochial and public schools as an academic dean and college counselor and as the Director of College Counseling. She has experienced life from both sides of the desk; as an independent counselor and as a school counselor. Her 30+ years in the field of education, coupled with her national and international experience, has helped Karen to earn the respect of college admissions personnel as well as school counselors. She is able to communicate, collaborate and consult effectively with all members of the student’s educational team.

Due to the customized nature of Curreri Educational Consulting’s educational planning, student acceptance is highly sought after and competitive. CEC only accepts a limited number of new students each year. Acceptance standards are based on the following three criteria:

• Interview

• Application

• Committee evaluation

Please click here for a PDF application form.  Please complete the form and supply the additional information requested on the form.  Mail the completed package to:

Curreri Educational Consulting, Inc.
2721 East Pacific Coast Highway, Suite 107
Corona Del Mar, CA 92625


Clark graduated with a BA in History, Art History and Theater from Dartmouth College in 2013. Throughout his four years as an undergraduate he worked in the admissions office. Beginning at the front desk he was the first student in the history of the Dartmouth Office of Undergraduate Admissions to be hired before officially matriculating. He led application workshops for visiting students, coordinated special programming such as "Dimensions of Dartmouth" the admit students weekend held every year in April, as well as programs designed for students of color, first generation college applicants and students interested in the math and sciences. He has read countless essays and applications and knows what works and what doesn't. Clark currently lives in Los Angeles, California.


Sarah Chen has published several crime fiction short stories as well as numerous articles on writing. Her background is in the entertainment industry where she was a script reader for studios and production companies, including Village Roadshow Pictures, Dreamworks, and Spike Lee’s 40 Acres and A Mule Filmworks. For eight years, she was the sole screenplay consultant for the American Screenwriters Association. She graduated with a BA in Communications from UCLA and an MA in Communications from Cal State Fullerton.


Jennifer Grzeskowiak fell in love with editing in junior high when her entrepreneur mother gave her a red pen and her first assignment. Upon graduating from college, Jennifer worked as an editor for the investment firm Morgan Keegan, where she passed the Series 7 Exam for registered representatives. She also has served as a managing editor for Penton and as an editor for Entrepreneur magazine. Jennifer now works as a freelance writer and editor and won a 2014 regional Gold ASBPE award for one of her freelance features. She graduated magna cum laude with a degree in English from Rhodes College. In her free time, Jennifer enjoys practicing and teaching yoga, learning about wine, reading, and playing the classical guitar.


Elizabeth graduated magna cum laude and Phi Beta Kappa from the University of Southern California in '08 with a Bachelor of Arts in English/Creative Writing, and a minor in French. She taught English for three years through the Teach for America program in New York City. Following her commitment as a TFA Corps Member, she moved to Boston where she worked for Carney, Sandoe & Associates, an education consulting and search firm. Today, she works full-time as a freelance writer and editor based in Laguna Beach.


Ms. Bucaro is CEC’s Nursery, Lower and Middle School Consultant. Suzanne has helped many local Orange County families as well as families from all over the world navigate the school search and application process. CEC consults with top executive search firms, relocation companies and schools to help families find the best private or public school match for their child.


Ms. Bucaro is an invaluable resource to parents. Suzanne assists them in identifying nursery, elementary and middle schools within their area of interest and helps them narrow down their search.  She guides parents who have gifted students, or special needs children by directing them toward which schools will best serve their needs. Suzanne also helps with every step of the application process.


Ms. Bucaro graduated magna cum laude from the University of California, Irvine, in 1996, with a Bachelor of Arts in Cognitive Science.  She holds a Masters in Clinical Psychology, with an emphasis in Marriage and Family Therapy, from Pepperdine University.  Suzanne has the spent the past 18 years as an elementary school teacher in Orange County, and has worked with a wide range of students including gifted students, second language learners, and students with special needs.  She has knowledge of the educational system in Orange County from the perspective of both an educator and a parent. Her two children currently attend a private school in Orange County. Suzanne’s passion for educating extends onto the soccer field, where she has spent the past 6 years coaching youth soccer.



This program is designed to by help families navigate the admissions process without unnecessary stress. The educational specialist will assist parents to: create a list of which schools are the best match for their child, handle the paperwork involved in a manageable and organized fashion, and gain insight into the mission, philosophy, character, academic and social environment of each school. Parents will gain knowledge that is impossible to gather from reading a brochure, attending an open house or having a conversation with friends. Our experts will strive to give their child an edge over their peers. We will provide advice on student testing, tutors, observed play dates, recommendations, and essays. CEC fosters an ongoing relationship with parents and students that involves both compiling applications and following up with schools. At times, an occasional phone call to the admissions office from a trusted CEC consultant can help to track your child's application through the system or help to keep it on a school's radar screen.


Many parents call and ask if it is too early for their child to start seeing a college counselor in the ninth or tenth grade. The answer to that question is no, it is not too early to start working with a college counselor and that work should begin the summer between eighth and ninth grade. The second part of the implied answer to that question is yes, it is often too late to maximize your chances for admission into the college of your choice when you wait until junior or worse yet, senior year to seek the help of a qualified independent counselor. CEC's philosophy is that preparation in the ninth and tenth grade year of high school is crucial and directly correlated with a positive college admission outcome. CEC counselors work as a TEAM (together everyone achieves more) to collaborate with parents, teachers, coaches, psychologists or any other professionals who are involved with the student’s success, to set short and long term academic and extracurricular goals. Individualized time lines are created as well as tenth grade college tours. CEC  teaches students to be proactive and to take charge of the college search and application process so that they have a competitive edge in the applicant pool. Most importantly, after more than thirty years of experience as an elementary, middle and high school and independent college counselor, Karen Curreri believes strongly that early preparation reduces rather than increases the level of anxiety a student and their parent/s experience during this journey of lifelong learning.


High School
Private school admission is competitive and the application is critical. Our consultants help stay on top of deadlines, strategies and admission tips. We also offer tutoring for all of the high school entrance exams, including the ISEE, SSAT and the HSPT.

Boarding School
The boarding school search is similar to the college search. CEC helps to create a boarding school list, design a personalized tour, prepare the student for interviews, and help the student through every aspect of the application process. CCC consultants also help to strategize the application process for each school.


Graduate School
Currently, we are seeing a rise in graduate school admissions, making the process even more competitive. Our changing economy has influenced many people in making the decision to attend graduate school in order to enhance their resume and open up new career opportunities.

Our consultants are experts in the admissions process at every level of the graduate school experience. If you are looking for a M.A., M.S., or Ph.D. degree, call our graduate school consultants to make an appointment. They will provide you with an individualized plan designed to maximize your candidacy. Our test tutors will also help you to prepare for graduate level standardized tests.

Business School
Is your preferred school Wharton, Harvard, Kellogg, Stern or another highly ranked MBA program? If so, contact one of our Business School Consultants to learn how to gain the competitive edge and make your application and experience stand out. We also provide tutors for the LSAT.

Law School
Our law school consultant has a J.D. from Harvard and will help you to make a decision about which program is right for you, how to present yourself to each school in a way that gives you a competitive edge, and how to develop compelling application themes and strategies. Our consultant will also help you to create a customized plan for LSAT preparation that best meets your needs.

Medical School
 Most CEC Medical School consultants are medical doctors who help first time applicants as well as re-applicants to present a compelling story and set of themes designed to make their admission package stand out. Since medical school is arguably one of the most competitive professional schools to enter, our consultants help students present themselves as scholars and well-rounded applicants. Individualized preparation for the MCAT is also available.


Curreri Educational Consulting accepts Pro-Bono Scholarship eligible students from Special Operations Warrior Foundation and a limited number of dependent children of military personnel.


In Loving memory of Joe Curreri

Staff SGT. Joseph F. Curreri, Bravo Company, 2nd Battalion,
1st Special Forces Group Airborne,
September 23, 1980-October 26, 2007

Joe Curreri was a humanitarian. Not only did he serve our country as a Special Forces soldier, but he dedicated his efforts and time performing much needed medical, dental and veterinary work. SSG Curreri played a key role in a large scale school restoration and a one thousand patient Medical Civic Action program in the barangay of Balangsi.

USC '02 (US Olympic Trials)
Our family has set up a scholarship through the Special Operations Warrior Foundation in Joe's name. This scholarship was created to celebrate his life, acknowledge his accomplishments and help to make his dream of educating others come true. The purpose of the Special Operations Warrior Foundation is to provide a college education and counseling to every child who has lost a parent while serving in the Special Operations Warrior Command and its units during an operational or training mission. The SOWF is currently committed to providing scholarship grants, not loans, to more than 700 children. These children survive over 600 Special Operations personnel.

Since Fall of 2009, one graduating senior is chosen to be the recipient of the Staff Sergeant Joseph Curreri Scholarship Fund by the Special Operations Warrior Foundation. This scholarship will continue with the student through all four years of their college education and will help provide for tuition, room, board, books and supplies. If you would like to make a donation, here are the instructions:

1. Go to www.specialops.org

2. Click on Make a Donation

3. Scroll down to the picture of a family

4. Click on the picture

5. Click Online Donation form

6. Scroll to Program Area

7. Go to the top list and click on SSGT Joseph Curreri Scholarship Fund




CEC’S proven methodology works. Year after year, our students are accepted into their top choice college because we teach them how to gain the competitive edge in the highly selective admissions process. Although many of our students go on to Ivy League and selective colleges and universities, we also have a proven track record of helping students who need a more supportive environment. We pride ourselves in helping students to craft a college list that makes sense; one that is custom tailored to match their grades, test scores and extracurricular accomplishments. Consequently, our students receive letters of acceptance

Our statistics speak for themselves. In addition to CEC’s list of college acceptances, our students win some of the most prestigious scholarships in the nation. The most recent scholarship winners include:

•   Gates Millennium Scholar

•   National Coca-Cola Scholar

•   Buck Scholar

•   Children's Federation Scholar

•   Sandpiper Scholar

•   Regents Scholar UCLA, Berkeley

•   Jefferson Scholar UVA

•   Navy ROTC

•   1st Place Voice of Democracy National Winner

•   Prudential Spirit of Community National Honoree

•   L.A. Spotlight Awards (Music & Dance)


CEC students have been accepted to the following prestigious programs:

  • University of Pennsylvania – Wharton
  • Huntsman Program in International Studies and Business - University of Pennsylvania


  • Brown
  • Columbia
  • Cornell
  • Dartmouth
  • Harvard
  • University of Pennsylvania
  • Princeton
  • Yale


Amherst, Boston College, Barnard, Boston University, Bucknell, Carnegie Mellon, Claremont McKenna, Davidson Duke, Emory, Georgetown, Haverford, Johns Hopkins, New York University, Northwestern, Pepperdine, Rice, Smith, Stanford, University of California Berkeley, University of California Davis, University of California Irvine, University of California San Diego, University of California Santa Barbara, University of Chicago, University of Michigan, University of Notre Dame, USC, University of Virginia, Vanderbilt, Vassar, Villanova, Washington University, Wake Forest, Wesleyan, Williams


Babson, USC Marshall, NYU Stern, University of Michigan, U Penn Wharton


CEC’S student athletes receive expert recruiting advice and tips and are consistently recruited by the top Division I, II and III athletic programs in the country. We have worked with young women and men from every sport imaginable. Some of our students are home-schooled because they aspire to compete at the Olympic level. We work with these students to help them custom tailor their high school academic and athletic needs. Recent student athletes were recruited to the following colleges and universities:

•   Swimming: University of Michigan, USC, UCLA, University of Georgia, Auburn University

•   Water Polo: USC, Princeton, University of the Pacific, University of California, Santa Barbara, Pepperdine

•   Golf: UCLA, Duke

•   Lacrosse: Johns Hopkins University

•   Tennis: UNC Chapel Hill

•   Sailing: Boston College

•   Rowing: Loyola Marymount University (CA)

•   Football: James Madison

•   Soccer: University of Maryland, Drew, Northwestern

•   Volleyball: Cal State Long Beach, USC



Visual and performing arts students receive expert advice on portfolio and audition requirements and preparation. Recent artists have been accepted to:

•   Actors: Carnegie Mellon, Boston University, Kenyon, North Carolina School for the Arts

•   Dance: Chapman, Fordham, Goucher, Indiana University Bloomington, Princeton

•   Visual Art: Rhode Island School of Design, Maryland Institute College of Art

•   Music: Berklee College of Music, Julliard School, Cal State Long Beach

•   Film: NYU, USC, Chapman, Emerson, Syracuse, Boston University

•   Fashion: Cornell, Parsons, Pratt, Columbia College, Otis College of Art and Design



•   University of California Berkeley

•   Lynn University

•   University of Arizona (SALT)

•   Curry College


•   University of Colorado (Boulder)

•   University of Denver

•   University of Oregon

•   Santa Clara University

•   University of San Francisco

•   University of San Diego

•   University of Richmond

•   University of Vermont

•   Cal Lutheran University

•   Cal State Long Beach

•   San Diego State


Karen Curreri, president and founder of Curreri Educational Consulting, Inc., has been involved in numerous speaking engagements during the span of her nearly 20 year career as a counselor. In addition to her expertise in educational consulting and college counseling, Ms. Curreri covers topics in her customized corporate training workshops that are particularly relevant to today's needs. Issues such as interpersonal communication skills, the psychological impact of change and corporate downsizing, five irreplaceable foundations for the successful supervisor, stress reduction, how to motivate employees during times of change, and identifying steps to improved performance can be addressed in small or large group settings. Ms. Curreri is well known for her motivational speaking, and her ability to teach others to think creatively to get what they need.

Ms. Curreri's representative experience includes:

• Speaking as a guest on international and local TV and radio shows;

• Features and quotes in magazine and newspaper articles;

• Leading and participating in seminars, workshops and panel discussions for middle and high school students and their parents concerning the college search and admissions process;

• Presenting at national, regional and local conferences for guidance counselors, independent educational consultants and college admission representatives;

• Speaking to middle and high school faculty and administration about how to work with students with learning disabilities;

• Speaking to elementary and middle school students and parents about her philosophy of college counseling, which is based upon Ms. Curreri's developmental theory that the college application process takes place, "From Cradle to College";

• Leading discussions with religious groups, civic leagues and community organizations, on topics such as how to build self-esteem in children and adolescents;

• Conducting seminars for athletic teams and organizations;

• Presenting workshops in collaboration with Division I, II and III coaches, NCAA compliance officers and professional athletes for swimmers and lacrosse, volleyball and soccer players, as well as athletic recruiting workshops for a variety of other sports;

• Speaking and consulting to businesses on the topic of how to incorporate educational consulting and college counseling as part of an employee benefits package;

• Conducting customized training in the education, finance, retail, health, and military sectors.





CEC tutors are hand picked for their advanced degrees, ability to effectively communicate with students and parents and their dedication to creating inquisitive students. Our tutors customize your child’s curriculum and keep parents in the loop by providing detailed follow-up notes after each tutoring session. CEC tutors are available in any subject area, anywhere in the United States or across the globe. You choose the method that best meets your child’s needs. Your choices include in person sessions, or virtual sessions via video conferencing or desktop sharing. Our ultimate goal is to provide your child with the skills and confidence needed to eventually excel independently.








We believe in the TEAM (TOGETHER EVERYONE ACHIEVES MORE) approach. Counselors, tutors, life coaches, and administrators meet regularly to assure that your child’s needs are being met in the most efficient, effective way possible. We are a small boutique operation by choice. Our goal is to keep it personal. Each child and parent is special to us and our service reflects that belief. Students and their parents are accepted after an application and interview process. We want to make sure that we are the right fit for you and your child and we want you to feel the same way about us.


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